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Q: Is ozone safe in product applications? A: Our products are safe to use in the application of ozone. The internal circulation design uses ozone leakage concentration below 0.1PPM, which is in line with international safety standards. Ozone is extremely unstable, and it is rapidly decomposed and dispersed in the air. Keeping it 30 cm away, it is safe not to directly breathe high concentrations of ozone.

Q: What are the characteristics of ozone? A:Ozone (O3), also known as superoxide, is an allotrope of oxygen (O2). Ozone has a strong oxidizing power, and its redox potential is second only to fluorine. This property is mainly used in its application.

Q: What are the characteristics of UV disinfection? A: UV disinfection is a pure physical disinfection method, with a simple and convenient, broad spectrum and high efficiency, no secondary pollution, no residue and so on.

Q: How long is the product life of the Purple Flame series? A: The Purple Flame series uses deep-UV LED laser chips, combined with semiconductor materials, stable and reliable, and the service life is about 5000 hours.

Q: Is the power consumption of the two products of the Purple Flame Series high? A: The product only consumes about 10 kWh of electricity in one month.

Q: What is the role of the circulatory disinfection model of the Purple Flame Guardian? A: After each disinfection, the temperature and humidity in the room will allow the bacteria to continuously regenerate. Therefore, the flame sterilizing mode of the Ziyan Guardian will intelligently start once every 4 hours to inhibit the environment of bacterial regeneration.

Q: Purple flame guards can effectively inhibit bacterial regeneration? A: Of course you can. In daily life, there will be residual moisture in the toothbrush, which creates an environment for the growth of bacteria. By killing the toothbrush with the Ziyan Defender, 99.9% of the toothbrush can eliminate pathogens on the surface of the toothbrush. The built-in fan can then dry the internal water of the bristles, effectively inhibiting bacterial regeneration.

Q: What is UV light? A: UV Ultraviolet (UV) is a part of the wavelength spectrum 100nm-380nm. Ultraviolet light is invisible because it has a shorter wavelength and is shorter than the visible light range of humans.

Q: Is ultraviolet (UV) light safe? A: UV light is part of the sun and shines on Earth every day. As long as proper precautions are taken, UV light can be safely used. At a suitable distance and dosage, UV light can be used to improve health (eg, for the treatment of psoriasis and vitamin D deficiency). For high-intensity UV light in an open environment, it is common practice to wear eye and skin protection devices. Most UV LED applications are conducted in a closed environment and do not cause direct contact with UV light.

Q: There is also ultraviolet light in the sun. Can it achieve the effect of sterilization after exposure to sunlight? A: According to the wavelength, the ultraviolet light is divided into 4 bands. However, only UV-C is the band with the bactericidal power and the strongest bactericidal effect. Usually, by exposure, the object only loses humidity, thereby inhibiting the growth environment in which the bacteria grow; and the UV-C contained in the sunlight is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve a true bactericidal effect by sun exposure.

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