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Brand advantage

Professional sales Product quality first, customer service first

Leading brand Leading the trend of the industry, striving to be a brand pioneer

Quality assurance Authorized agency certification, quality attracts customers

Continue to innovate Independent and independent research and development technology, product technology continues to innovate.

Join to be a Franchisee

The company adheres to high standards to select franchisees. The development of an franchisee we will offer 100% support, making it to be a part of ANSBABE's brand operations. ANSBABE has exerted great efforts to support franchisees, providing full-service in store design, sales training, on-site placement,

1.Recognition Ansbababe

Have sufficient confidence in the brand of Anshibao, identify with the company's marketing strategy, cooperate with the implementation of the company's regional marketing program, and comply with the company's regional market control regulations.

2.Have your own marketing

Familiar with the market environment (small household appliances, personal health, smart home), with smooth sales channels, good distribution experience in the distribution area.

3.Independent operation

Have independent legal personality, business, taxation, health permits and other necessary operating conditions.
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